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 Huge Sale Ends Tuesday
February 28th
Use Code: 'FB10'  $10.00 off!

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Looking for an affordable Tungsten Wedding Band?  You found it!  Our unique selection of tungsten carbide wedding bands will last forever.  Tungsten Carbide Rings are virtually indestructible and is almost impossible to scratch.  Whether you would like a modern black tungsten ring or a classic domed tungsten ring, we have rings in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm and even 10mm.  Lifetime sizing, Lifetime Warranty and Always Free Shipping!


Can Tungsten Rings Scratch?  We get this question all the time and the answer is yes.  However, it is almost impossible to scratch a tungsten ring.  For this reason, tungsten rings are great for men who are rough and do not want to worry about bending or tarnishing their ring.  If you have a man who is rough with his hands, works on cars or works construction, tungsten rings are the perfect answer.  Men's Tungsten Rings from Tungsten Fashions is also the answer!



We wanted to highlight on women's tungsten rings here as well.  We carry many small women's tungsten rings starting at size 2.5 and up.  Women's tungsten rings get overlooked as a wedding ring since they are so durable.  We are proud to offer many choices at low prices for your tungsten wedding band here at Tungsten Fashions!

Our inexpensive Men's Tungsten Rings are the same exact tungsten wedding bands you see sold at stores for 5X the price!  Same rings!  Why are our Tungsten Rings so affordable?  Because at this price, we sell 5X the amount of rings - it is that simple.  We feel it is best for our customers and best for us to sell our tungsten rings at a lower price and sell more of them. Our name spreads faster and our customers are happier - win, win!

Large Tungsten Rings for men is what we specialize in. Our ring go up to a size 19 in many styles. We also carry Tungsten Bracelets, Tungsten Watches and more. Get that perfect look you deserve.
Want to make this ring even more special? Have us engrave something special for you.  These are great for promise rings, wedding bands or just a gift for yourself!

Our Tungsten Rings come in a vast, hard to find, size selection. We have rings in stock starting at 2.5 and going all the way up to 19!

Every ring we sell comes with lifetime sizing, lifetime warranty and a lifetime of satisfaction!


Our Tungsten Rings come with a lifetime guarantee.  If for any reason, your ring is to tarnish, bend, scratch or break - we will replace it.  Your probably purchasing a tungsten ring for the durability, therefore you want it to last!  At Tungsten Fashions, you have nothing to worry about - your covered.


If for any reason, you need to exchange your tungsten ring for a different style or size - it is no problem.  We offer this to you free of charge within the first 30 days.  If you need to exchange your ring after there days, it is only $6.99.  It is that simple.


Almost identical to the exchange policy above.  If you need to change the size of your ring (lost weight, 'ahem' gained weight) - no problem at all.  We offer this to you free of charge within the first 30 days.  If you need to exchange your ring for a new size after those first 30 days, it is only $9.99. 

--Some Questions and Answers about tungsten rings--

Can A tungsten ring break?


Yes, tungsten rings can break.  The fact is, tungsten rings are extremely hard and it is very difficult to break or crack these rings, but it can happen. Here at Tungsten Fashions, if it does break, tarnish or scratch, we replace it.

Can a tungsten ring be engraved?


Yes, tungsten rings can be engraved.  Due to how strong tungsten material is, only laser engraving will work. Tungsten Fashions charges $29.95 per ring.

Can you scratch a tungsten ring?


Yes. Again, it is very difficult to scratch these rings, but can it happen. Say a mechanic is working on cars all day for years, you will see a few scratches in a couple of years, but that is about it.

Can you remove a tungsten ring in an emergency?


Yes. Medical staff have a tool that they can snap the rings off in-case of an emergency. In fact, we have had a few people call us to say that the tungsten ring actually saved their finger. See more, click here and we will show you a video of how a tungsten ring can be removed in an emergency.

Are tungsten rings sized differently than other rings or materials?


No! A size 8 is a size 8 no matter what the material is. We would like to find the person who started this rumor - Tungsten rings are sized the same as any other ring. Period.

Will Tungsten rings turn your finger green?


No. Our rings are cobalt free. Cobalt is the material that will turn your finger green so make sure if you do not purchase from us, that you at least get cobalt free rings.

Are your rings comfort fit? 


Yes. Every ring we sell is comfort fit. What to know more, what is comfort fit?

Need to know more?   No problem, that is why we are here. Call, chat or email us and we will be happy to assist you learn more about tungsten rings or assist you in your purchase.

You might want to check out this page for any other questions you might have.  It has to do with the order process, shipping, exchanges and more!