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Home > Tungsten Rings - Frequently Asked Questions > Are your Tungsten Rings Real? Why are they so Cheap?

Are your Tungsten Rings Real? Why are they so Cheap?

Our Tungsten Rings are on the cheap side if you are talking price. If you are talking quality, absolutely not.  The tungsten rings we sell are the same exact tungsten rings you see for $150-$450 at other stores. 

So why are they so cheap?  It is simple.  We only sell online, that right there is what saves us so much money.  We are located just outside of Boston, so we do not have the ridiculous Boston rent.  If we were to be in a mall or in downtown Boston location, our rings would also be a few hundred dollars each.

Each ring comes with the 'Tungsten Carbide' stamp in the inside of the ring, so you know these rings are 100% real.

Still unsure?  You have 30 days for a full refund.  Order a ring, if you are not 100% happy, return it.  It is that simple.