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Home > Love my Tungsten Ring but Can Tungsten Rings Be Removed In An Emergency?

Love my Tungsten Ring but Can Tungsten Rings Be Removed In An Emergency?

Can tungsten rings be removed in an emergency?  Yes. 

Tungsten rings are not indestructible, they can (and do) snap. There is no give to tungsten rings, so it is either nothing at all happens to them, or they will snap in half.  For this reason, there is a tool that takes advantage of this.  It is almost like a cork-screw, with a strong pin. The device it is placed on the ring and you turn the the pin until it snaps. 

We have even heard of tungsten rings saving fingers from being crushed! 

Tungsten rings are great for people who are in construction, mechanics and other jobs were guys are hard on their hands.  No need to worry about a tungsten ring being removed in an emergency - they can! 

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