Craigslist = BigBrother

In December 2013,

Craigslist updated it Privacy Policy to let us know that they are holding onto everything we post and are keeping it as their property.

You post a picture of a friend, your family, something you are selling, what about your pet
s. If you post it on Craigslist - it is theirs to keep!

What happened to our rights?

They say that whatever you post on their site, they can and will use it for anything they deem fit.

If you post something on their website and someone makes a complaint about you, they will hand over everything about you.

Do yourself a favor, stay off this toxic site.

Move over to or Ebay Classified Ads.

Once again - Shame on you Craigslist.



Date 12/8/2013


Date 4/2/2014

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