Craigslist vs Backpage ?

Recently (November of 2013) Craigslist came out with charging its advertisers in more of the 'for sale' areas on their website AND took away the ability to have links on their the ads. No clue who is in charge over there, but this has to be the most ridiculous move by them yet.

Many think, it is a move so bold that that could be the beginning of the end for 

Tungsten Fashions has been posting on Craigslist for years with a fantastic run.   We have sold tungsten rings, bracelets, watches and many other items. 

There is no way we would pay a cent to post our ads without a link.

We stopped posting with them all together even thought it is still free. Our email boxes get flooded with spam - I would even go as far as 99.9% spam! Backpage Traffic Chart


(Click above to visit

It has been so bad, that we have had to delete many of our emails due to how much spam we received.

Another thing, even with a photo of our rings, photo of our website, (remember, no clickabe links anymore) and our phone number....  Our traffic plummeted to zero.

Lets Face it - people are lazy. Not just that, its annoying to have to cut and paste a link. (what is this, 1995) 

Image being on a subway in any major city, you see everyone on their phones (no one looking up - ever!) That's a whole other blog post right there....

Anyways, if you see something for sale, you just are going to want to click on the link... If you can't - you go to a site that you can.

So, that brings us to Backpage does not have the traffic - yet. It is picking up in popularity fast.

Why? It is simple, free, less spam and a lot less tricky. What do I mean by tricky? Backpage does not lie that your ad is posted, when it really isn't. (Craigslist does lie)

Backpage is like a breathe of fresh air.

Who is the winner - if you can't already guess - it is Backpage.

Update:  Craislist now owns everything you put on their site!  Click it here to see!



Date 12/6/2013

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