Selling your tungsten ring? Tungsten Fashions gets at least a few calls a week from people who are looking to sell their tungsten ring.

They always question on us on why it is so hard to sell a tungsten ring after they bought it. The answer is simple. Tungsten Rings are hard to sell because they are not able to be resized.

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 It is hard to sell a tungsten ring because companies need to have a huge inventory. Imagine.... Say a company like Tungsten Fashions sell 50 different styles.

Now, they sell sizes from 2.5 up to 19. That means they have to have at least 1,200 rings in stock per style! That is over 70,000 rings!

So that is why it is very hard to sell a tungsten ring to a local company. Your best bet is to exchange it. Go back to the store you purchased the ring and they should do an exchange for a small fee. Questions? Let us know!

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