Tungsten rings are great!

First of all, lets clear up a few misconceptions about tungsten rings. People all across the internet say that you are not able to remove a tungsten ring in an emergency. Wrong! Of course they can be removed.

Tungsten rings can break (and do!) There is a device that you can use that will crack tungsten ring in two.

We know tungsten rings inside and out.

Anything you need to know about tungsten rings, you can ask us by contacting us here.

Tungsten rings are great for guys who work in construction, mechanics, hard on their hands in any way and don’t want to worry about their wedding ring being broke, scratched or tarnished.

The shine of a tungsten ring is brighter than silver and titanium, but not as bright as a white gold ring.

If you are looking to get a tungsten wedding band and on a budget, these are a great option! You can view a great selection of tungsten rings here.

Please let us know if you have any questions, we will do our best to answer anything you need!

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