Can a tungsten ring be scratched?  Yes.

A tungsten ring can be scratched.  It is very difficult to scratch a tungsten ring, but it can happen.  If you have a mechanic who works on cars day after day for years, you might see a scuff here or there.  You might, but probably not.  We at Tungsten Fashions would rather give you the honest truth about what to expect with a tungsten ring and not give you any false promises.  At Tungsten Fashions, if a ring that we sell to you does scratch, we will replace it. 

Tungsten Rings are great for guys who work in construction, mechanics, firefighters, oil workers or anyone who works hard with their hands and does not want to worry about scratching a ring.

Hope this helps.  Bottom line, a tungsten ring can scratch, but is is rare and even if it does, Tungsten Fashions will replace it.

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