Yes. Although it is difficult to do, tungsten rings can in fact scratch. You really have to take a tungsten ring to the pavement and rub it hard back and forth to even make a tiny blemish, but that is what we mean by making it hard to scratch. Taking a file to a tungsten rings, might create a scratch, but even that is very hard to do. 6mm classic tungsten ringWe want to be up front and clear about what a tungsten ring can, and can not do. If a company says that they will NEVER scratch, move on to another reputable company - Like The more you know about tungsten rings, but the better. Your the one who is going to be wearing it all the time, right? It is your right to know and our right to guide you to the right choice. If your man works on cars, does construction, works on an oil rig or does anything else that is hard on his hands, Tungsten Rings are going to be the best choice.

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