Will tungsten rings turn your finger green?  No.

Tungsten Rings from TungstenFashions.com will never turn your finger green, here is why.

Tungsten Rings are made one out of two ways....

Tungsten rings are made with Cobalt or Nickel

Cobalt is the cheap way of making a tungsten ring. 
Cobalt is the material what will turn your finger green.  It is cheap, so it will oxidixe with the wear from your skin and the air - after time, it will tarnish and turn your finger green.

The other way that tungsten rings are made are with Nickel.  Nickel is more expensive, but it will last for a lifetime and much more durable.  Tungsten Fashions factory only produce rings that are made with Nickel. 

For this reason, you can be confident purchasing a well make, tungsten ring - from TungstenFashions.com that will never turn your finger green.

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