Our History

Tungsten Fashions was born in May(ish) of 2008.
We started in a tiny office in Boston, for those of you familiar with Boston, we were located in Downtown Crossing. We have since moved to a larger facility in Mansfield, MA.
How Tungsten Fashions came to life. My name is Damien Castagnozzi, I was the owner of a successful ‘temp’ agency named ‘Temporary Solution Staffing’ – who also won ‘Best of Boston in 2004’ I started that business in 2002 and decided to try something different in the Spring of 2008. 
That is when I stumbled upon Tungsten Rings. I was searching the internet to find something that I could buy and sell for a small profit. I knew how to use a computer pretty good, but didn’t have a clue about the coding to create a website. 
I didn’t want to shell out thousands of dollars to go to class for web design and more than that, I didn’t have the time. So I taught myself thru online tutorials. In 2008, I launched my very small website, called TungstenFashions.com. 
With a few hits a week and about 3-4 style of rings and almost no sales – we started.
Today, we sell a few hundred rings a month, thousands of hits a week and have sold over 20,000 rings in over 32 different Countries!
My focus has always been:  Great customer service, fast shipping and low prices. 
I never want to forget about how each and every customer is special to us. I was so excited to get that very first order and even though we now have thousands and thousands of customers, each and every one of you is just as special. 
Without you, we have no reason to work as hard as we do. Thank You for being there as we continue on selling affordable tungsten rings, watches bracelets and more!
Thank you, Damien Castagnozzi