Tungsten Fashions Supports Equality

Posted by Damien Castagnozzi on 5/13/2013 to Tungsten Rings F&Q
Tungsten Fashions supports equality for everyone. We are in the wedding business and therefore want to stand up for what is right and make sure EVERYONE is compforatble purchasing a wedding ring from us. We support gay marriage and equality. Period. We don't like to push the envelope either way, but we just want to be clear that Tungsten Fashions is always striving to do the right thing and this is one of them that we feel very stong about.



Ross Turner
Date: 2/14/2015
I have seen other jewelers who have produced rings that instead of having cubic zirconia stones in the ring [as do your Marcus and Armon styles] have stones (most likely just glass) that are the colors of the gay pride rainbow. I have also admired a wedding band which instead of the black tungsten band in the center have the colors of the gay rainbow encircling the center of the ring. I would love to see and would definitely consider purchasing such a ring in Tungsten from your company. I have admired your rings for some time now and often considered purchasing one but have always gravitated more toward those items expressing my orientation. Thanks for listening, Ross Turner

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