This is the second Renzo ring I've had to buy because I lost my first one at the gym--i probably took it off to wash my face and forgot to put it back on and somebody else apparently really liked it also. The color and look of this ring is great--the matte finish with polished edges gives it a very distinctive look and nothing seems to scratch it at the's great. I'm constantly getting comments from people saying how handsome it is as well as asking me what it is made of etc..

  Brian, San Francisco, CA - 4/5/2019 12:14:43 PM  review from Kevin G

Excellent quality, excellent price
My husband loves this tungsten ring and gets compliments on it all the time. He does a lot of yard and car work and the ring has no scratches on it, even after a month of constant wear. We'll see how it holds up after several years, but for only $50, it's holding up incredibly well!

Sandy, - 3/22/2018 5:38:00 PM  review from Sue Brown

New Husband loves it!
My man picked this tungsten ring out. I assured him I would be happy to get him real gold but he insisted he wanted this. It seems to be the "in" thing to get alternative metals. I certainly will not argue with that at these prices. He loves it. He tells me it is very comfortable and it Does not snag on things on the top as we feared. I loved the engraving as well. It was well done and timeless. Very very happy with this purchase. Fast shipping and service too!!

Tonya , Ky - 2/19/2018 6:02:35 PM  review from Tonya

Great & Fast Engraving
Since my husband had a specific type of tungsten wedding band we wanted, I had to order it from an online site. The ring was great but we decided to have our bands engraved and I wasn't sure where to send his titanium ring for engraving. We found Tungsten Fashions. Easy ordering process and the ring came back in less than a week! I loved all the font options and it was really affordable (less than what I paid for my ring to be engraved). Thank you!

Angela Marshall, Roanoke, VA, US - 7/12/2017 7:06:40 AM  review from Angela Marshall

Beautiful ring
I purchased this tungsten wedding ring for my husband after he lost his in an area lake. This ring is absoultely georgeous!! The service is exceptional. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in the market for this type of ring.

Christina, Arkansas - 5/16/2016 9:06:11 AM  review from Christina

Great Bracelet!
I purchased this tungsten bracelet for myself. I like that it is heavy and does not get caught up on the hairs on my arm. It looks stylish and the clasp is top notch. I contacted customer support with a question prior to purchasing and received a prompt response.

JJones, Cleveland Ohio - 3/2/201 6:16:33 PM  review from JJones

Great product
I'm a manual worker and my gold wedding band was battered and badly worn, since discovering Tungsten Fashions I've purchased 3 tungsten rings that I've never scratched or bent to date and my wife loves how they look. Excellent service and they were only too happy to change the size. Fast delivery. I highly recommend them.

Shane, Queensland, Australia - 2/24/2015 4:04:54 PM  review from Shane

Amazing Ring
Just recieved my second tungsten wedding ring, I lost the first one in about 30' of water. Ordered the exact same ring because I loved it so much. The design and finish on my tungsten ring is beautiful and even though I'm very rough on rings, it dosent scratch or mar. The service at tungsten fashions is fast and reliable. I have nothing negitive I could say about the company or the product. Great Job!

Joe Dimon, Columbus Georgia - 9/23/2014 11:04:24 AM  review from Joe Dimon

Fantastic all around!
The shipping was fast. So fast as a matter of fact, it arrived before 2 days before I even received a tracking number. It was packages very securely. The ring itself was stunning, every bit as good, if not better, than similar rings I had looked at at other jewelry stores. I'm very excited to start wearing it. 5 out of 5 for sure.

John , - 9/23/2013 4:35:19 AM  review from John

We received this tungsten ring so fast after placing the order! I was so excited. It is perfect and looks great on my future hubby's hand! It has some weight to it and the brushed metal looks so classy and sophisticated. Very nice ring!

Chanel H, Ft. Lauderdale, FL - 8/20/2013 6:44:01 AM  review from Chanel H

Nice Man's Neck Chain
Although I sent this bracelet back because I wanted the wider bracelet instead.  This bracelet is awesome. It is heavy, thick, highly polished and has a nice manly style to it.

  Somers Point, New Jersey - 8/19/2013 4:32:40 PM  review from Sweetness_57

My husband loved it!
This ring was all that I hoped it would be! Smooth surface with a nice weight. It looks awesome on my husband and he really loves it. He won't even wear it to work to prevent messing it up. :-)

A. Outlaw, Durham, NC - 8/1/2013 5:54:48 AM  review from A. Outlaw

Great Wedding Band
I recently lost my first Mercury Tungsten Wedding Band while tubing. I bought another because I like the multifaceted look and feel of the ring on my hand. I never take it off, but it was as polished as the day I bought it. I know the replacement will serve me well for many years.

SKM, Alabama - 7/30/2013 5:07:28 AM  review from SKM

Great product great service
My husband loves his ring and lost it so it was very easy to reorder since I had all the information from before. He loves the unique design. Tungsten material is amazing and very light and comfortable. I am pleased with the service and the timely delivery of the product.

Saima, Chicago - 7/29/2013 8:20:05 AM  review from Saima

Great Ring
I love the ring. I knew from experience that Tungsten Carbide was heavy, so you need to expect a heavier-than-normal ring. The fit is perfect and is very comfortable. The gold color of the inlay shows up well in well-lighted areas. It has attracted questions and has always been complimented. Tungsten Fashions prices are great and the service has been wonderful. Delivery time was shorter than expected. I'll definitely be back next time I need a ring or other jewelry.

Jamie, Pell City, AL - 7/29/2013 7:38:17 AM  review from Jamie

Your engraving services are amazingly fast! We sent our rings in on Monday and you had them back by Saturday - just in time for our 35th Anniversary. Nice work!!!

Keith and Debbie, Texas - 7/24/2013 5:31:01 AM  review from Keith and Debbie

Great Ring
LOVE the ring. Classy looking and they do not scratch up like others have. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a ring that will stay nice looking for a long time.

Keith G., Texas - 7/24/2013 5:29:06 AM  review from Keith G.

Beautiful Rings
The rings are absolutely perfect. After my husband and I tried them on I returned them for engraving. I don't know how you did it, but they were engraved and returned in time for our 35th Anniversary celebration. Thank you so much!

Debbie G., Texas - 7/24/2013 5:27:17 AM  review from Debbie G.

Sharp ring
Even though this ring was way less expensive then the retail stores it beautiful and we get so many compliments in it! Classey and simple!

Kristy Keene, Holly, Michigan - 7/24/2013 5:02:13 AM  review from Kristy Keene

Awesome Jewelry
This is the best stuff at a great price we bought a ring and a bracelet!! You guys made my husbands fathers day the best !! You guys are great!!

amy reese, las vegas , nevada - 7/23/2013 8:53:28 AM  review from amy reese

I ordered this ring after my fiance picked it out as his wedding band. I had planned on getting it engraved so I was happy to hear that TungstenFashions sent it to us first to see and then we sent it back and they engraved it afterwards. Its a beautiful ring and looks very expensive, much more then its price! We were recommended to the site after a friend used it for his wedding band. I would totally come back for another order if we ever need it. Thank you so much!

Sara, Metuchen, NJ - 7/19/2013 6:07:38 AM  review from Sara

Love the ring
My husband and I absolutely love this ring! It was available in 15.5 (which was almost what he measured at.) The quality of the ring is outstanding. The ring was WAY too big, so we sent it back for a 15. That one as well was too big. He was finally satisfied with the 14.5. There was no hassle with both returns and the 3 rings shipped super quick! I would recommend Titanium Kay to anyone.

Ashley, Austin, Tx - 7/17/2013 1:23:44 PM  review from Ashley

Comfortable - Odd Finish
Very comfortable except for the scratched finish. Opted for another band due to the look / feel of the ring.

Rob Vila, Miami, FL - 7/17/2013 10:11:43 AM  review from Rob Vila

Great ring
This ring is great, I'm very pleased, and my new wife loves it. It's super comfortable and looks MUCH better in person.

RK, Denver, CO - 7/16/2013 11:01:36 AM  review from RK

Wonderful ring great customer service
My ring came on time as scheduled.I was pleased with the quality of the was everything I was looking for and more.I had to return the first one I ordered because I selected the wrong size.customer service was fantastic and got me the correct size out in the mail and on time for my wedding.can't say thank you enough for your great customer service and second to none products..I will be shopping for another ring for my right hand in the near future and it will be from this company

Rick, Michigan - 7/14/2013 12:01:17 PM  review from Rick

Life saver !
My fiancé picked out a tugnsen carbide ring fir his wedfing band and our jewelery store said try had someone in the city to engrave it. About a month before our wedding I got a call from the store saying their laser engraver had gone out if business! I was heartbroken as engraving the ring was so important to me. I went online and found titsnium Kay. I was nervous to send the ring, but they assured me it was ok, and it was. They staying in contact the entire time , letting me know when it arrived abd when is was coming back. The whole process took about a week. Super fast! Engraving was lovely abd I'm so excited to surprise my guy with it :). Thanks so much!

Bryna hahn, Chicago - 7/14/2013 7:19:55 AM  review from Bryna hahn

Beautifully crafted
This ring is perfect in every aspect. The customer service is great as well. They gave great advise to sizing the ring. Thank you! My future husband is going to love it forever. :-)

Michelle B., Chicago, IL - 6/14/2013 6:42:24 AM  review from Michelle B.

great errings and service
I got these errings for my wife's birthday. They are exactly as expected.....great! And, titaniumkay shipped super fast. Many thanks, I'll be back

al, phila - 6/14/2013 6:12:27 AM  review from al

I was never much to wear rings, but this one is pure perfection. The black finishing, the groove, everything looks top quality. The weight of the ring makes it feel it like it matters too. Not too light, not too heavy. Just right. With the laser engraving, it became more than a ring. Highly recommend! :)

Rúben , Kristiansand, Norway - 6/11/2013 10:14:04 AM  review from Rúben

Exactly what I was looking for
Such a beautiful ring. A little darker than the picture, but I think it looks even better that way. Cheapest place to find a meteorite rings, and definitely the best looking one. It came super fast, fit perfectly, and the box it came in is unique and manly. I will recommend Titanium Kay to everyone I know.

Matt, Olympia, WA - 6/10/2013 8:07:15 AM  review from Matt

Very Nice
I bought this chain to replace my husbands gold one. After continued wear, the gold is just not holding up. My husband loves it! And it looks great on him! Super fast shipping also. We are very satisfied!!!

Lorrie, Twin Lakes, WI - 6/9/2013 10:44:23 PM  review from Lorrie

Exactly what I was looking for

Such a beautiful ring. A little darker than the picture, but I think it looks even better that way. Cheapest place to find a meteorite rings, and definitely the best looking one. It came super fast, fit perfectly, and the box it came in is unique and manly. I will recommend Tungsten Fashions to everyone I know.

Matt, Olympia, WA - 6/10/2013 8:07:15 AM

Very Nice
I bought this chain to replace my husbands gold one. After continued wear, the gold is just not holding up. My husband loves it! And it looks great on him! Super fast shipping also. We are very satisfied!!!

Lorrie, Twin Lakes, WI - 6/9/2013 10:44:23 PM

Very nice engraving
The engraving was excellent. After I got the necklace I wished I had chosen a different font, but the one I chose was very well done. I will definitely use Tungsten Fashions again.

JayceeToo, Fort Worth - 6/9/2013 6:37:37 PM

Great dog tag necklace
Good quality..... Nice weight (not thin and "cheap" like a few I had looked at. My son loved it.

JayceeToo, Fort Worth - 6/9/2013 6:32:40 PM

A Best-Buy!
Classy "rich" texture and quality. It is great can't believe it was less than $30 delivered!!!

Nick the Enforcer, Illinois - 6/7/2013 8:02:26 PM

Spectacular ring
Both my husband and I looked everywhere for a wedding bands. Every where they are over priced. Checked on this site and were amazed. We got both our rings ... as on the picture, looked just like what we bought and it took just a few day to get here. When the store were we went said it would take 2wks!!! I recommend this site a lot!

Kelley Hester, Aberdeen, NC - 6/5/2013 7:10:35 AM

Beautiful ring
Great ring at a wonderful price. We get so many compliments on our rings.Would like to get them engraved soon.

Paul Hester, Aberdeen, NC - 6/5/2013 7:05:53 AM

2nd ring!
I bought this ring for my husband when we got married 9 months ago. He dropped it in the lake a few weeks ago so I had to replace it. It got to us in no time so he didn't go long without a ring! Very satisfied!

Emily, Knoxville - 6/4/2013 8:10:23 AM

Great Ring
Very happy with this ring, looks just like it does in the photo, nice weight and really unique looking. He LOVED it!!! Would highly recommend for the price and for someone who wants a unique ring. Very cool.

Ellie, GA - 6/1/2013 7:13:45 AM

Exceeded Expectations!
I had been search for a wedding band for a while, and then I came across this amazing band. I loved the picture so I placed my order. When the ring arrived I new I had made the RIGHT choice. Pictures don't do the ring justice. I Love It!

Brian K, Princeton, NJ, US - 5/31/2013 10:02:59 AM

exceptional ring
I got this as a replacement ring when my husband lost his orginal wedding band he loves that i picked it out and that i know him so well. It was perfect.

corynna sitek, - 5/31/2013 7:09:51 AM

Sweet Ring
It fits great. Love the shape and design.

Ray Mullins, Harold, KY - 5/30/2013 1:22:49 PM

Great Ring
The ring fits great love the design.

Ray Mullins, Harold, KY - 5/30/2013 1:21:59 PM

This device is what made me choose Tungsten Fashions! The ring with the print is amazing! For those of you struggling to get a good print: I tried hundreds of times to get the ink print clear enough to use, and had a terrible time. The best way that i found to get a clear, usable print is to take a pencil and scribble a dark spot on a paper. Then rub the finger you want to use all over that spot. Take a piece of clear tape and stick it to that finger. When you peal the tape off you can stick it to a clean sheet of paper and your print (with each swirl and line) will show clearly! Stacy

Stacy, Ohio - 5/29/2013 8:01:57 AM

Wedding band
This ring is all I wanted when looking for a band for my fiancé. I was extremely impressed with the customer service! Emails to answer my questions were quick and effortless on my part. I was nervous to get a wedding ring online. But.

Stacy, Ohio - 5/29/2013 7:57:43 AM

Very nice
Great selection, great customer service, and a fine piece of jewlery. A+  Thank you Tungsten Fashions!

Drew BRanham, Pittsburgh - 5/19/2013 4:20:33 AM  review from Drew BRanham

Great Value
Ring was as pictured - very good quality and no additional charge for a size 15 ring.  We Like!  I would buy again and will definitely recommend Tungsten Fashions for your Tungsten Ring!

Ingrid, Hollywood Hills, CA - 5/16/2013 9:07:33 AM  review from Ingrid

barbed wire ring
My husband had lost the first one we bought from you, working on our ranch and I looked all over to find the someone again. That is the only one he wanted. thank you

Brandy Rise, Oroville Wa - 5/13/2013 7:35:54 AM  review from Brandy Rise


M. Sutherland, Memphis, TN - 5/10/2013 10:52:41 AM  review from M. Sutherland

Awesome Service

Fast shipping, great ring at a great price. Can't go wrong with tungsten!

Justin, Ft Lauderdale, FL - 5/9/2013 9:58:08 AM

Beautiful Love it

L E, - 5/8/2013 6:43:28 AM  review from L E

Nice ring
Great ring and more importantly great service. Had to send back for resize, no problems encountered and turnaround was very fast. Thanks

Anders, Edmonton, Ab - 4/14/2013 4:04:51 PM  review from Anders

Awesome Necklace Chain
I want to say that my transaction from my online search for a great Tungsten Ring to the end of me placing my order was quick and easy. I also want to say that your customer service, shipping service is outstanding. I ordered the wrong size and my return also went went smoothly. I have ordered a Tungsten wedding band, bracelet and now chain and MY HUSBAND loves them all. THANK YOU!!!! and keep up the good work!!! I am looking forward to continuing doing business with Tungsten Fashions!!

Shirley Rivera, Bronx, NY - 4/14/2013 4:29:11 PM  review from Shirley Rivera

I did good!
I bought this ring for my husband for our anniversary. He loves it! It fits perfectly and it looks great.

Izzysgirl, Dallas - 4/14/2013 8:56:51 AM  review from Izzysgirl

Great Necklace
Just as described. I was worried it would be "cheap" feeling, and it wasn't at all. Very pleased.

MICHELLE, ORLANDO - 4/14/2013 12:30:55 PM  review from MICHELLE

Very Happy
Eye catching ring gets lots of positive comments. I was very happy with the service especially considering how close to Christmas we ordered it.

Bill Gombita, Birmingham, AL - 4/12/2013 9:20:05 AM  review from Bill Gombita

Great ring
Ordering was easy, arrived early, and the ring is great quality. Ring is smooth and comfortable and a great price and value. Very happy!

Andy, - 4/11/2013 11:26:40 PM  review from Andy

Love this ring!
This is my husband's 3rd ring from Tungsten Fashions The very first one I bought for him for our wedding turned out too small, the replacement (half size bigger) was great. Unfortunately, we thought he'd lost it so I wanted to get a new one for him and found this one. Ended up finding the other one in my old purse. So now he has an every-day and a going-out one! :) Love them both! Great quality, great look, and great price (about 3 times cheaper than here in Canada). Definitely recommend Tungsten FAshions and their products!

Olga Hohmann, Edmonton, AB, Canada - 4/09/2013 5:08:51 PM  review from Olga Hohmann

Very nice ring. Light and comfortable

B, TX - 4/09/2013 11:37:45 AM  review from B

Gorgeous-Great Customer Service
Gorgeous ring, quick delivery, although I exchanged the ring for smaller size and similar style. A little mix up on exchange but Tungsten Fashions customer service responded quickly to send the correct ring. Very impressed with the service and ring will definately buy again. My only wish is that they included a simple certificate describing the ring.

Anonymous, New York - 4/3/2012 2:05:45 PM  review from Anonymous

Another satisfied customer
First off i would like to say i am in no way affiliated with Tungsten Fashions except as a customer. I ordered Acacia Ring and was surprised how fast it shipped. . Tungsten is an excellent corrosion resistant durable metal. I'm looking at getting a pendant for it also. Overall i'm satisfied and would recommend Tungsten Fashions to others.

Chris Broesky, Wetaskiwin, Alberta - 3/22/2012 1:55:08 PM  review from Chris Broesky

Truly excellent
Very happy with ring my wife bought me. Color and feel are perfect. The appearance appears a perfect match to my wife's platinum wedding ring. If put directly up against each other there is a subtle difference (neither being "better," just ever so slightly different) but if one is on her hand and the other is on mine, they appear perfectly matched. The cobalt chrome is a fantastic material. I'd previously had tungsten carbide but even though the Tungsten Fashions tungsten carbide is much less allergenic than most tunsgten carbide rings, I still had some minor skin irritation. The cobalt chrome is just perfect. The ring could not be better.

Very satisfied customer, - 3/13/2012 8:11:52 AM  review from Very satisfied customer

Loving the rings
I ordered our wedding rings and was quite worried if we get the size right, but we did and they fit and feel great. Really happy and relieved. Thanks.

Jana, New Zealand - 3/1/2012 12:25:06 AM  review from Jana

Great Style but has ruff edges
I'm pretty hard on my wedding rings. This is my third, because the others have gotten beat up, scratched and the detail has come off. I decided to try tungsten because I read it could take a beating. This ring is really nice. I really like the thickness, style and it doesn't look like every other guy's ring. On looks alone this ring is a 5. The only reason I did not give it a 5 is the decorative indentations are not smooth and have ruff edges. I catch stuff in them and have even scratched my face. I have gotten use to the edges now, but wish they were smooth. PS- My wife says this is her favorite ring. No more gold boring bands, this ring is very nice and you cant beat the price.

M Weaver, AZ - 2/22/2012 8:00:30 AM  review from M Weaver

love it
I love the ring its just what I was looking for and was very surprised at how light weight it was. Now I hope he loves it as much as I do, his arrival date to com