What do you think about Tungsten Rings for wedding bands? We think they are great!

Wedding bands should not have to break the bank.  Your wedding is not about the dress, clothes, jewelry or money.  Its about you and your partner.  It's about LOVE.  In our option, we do not think that anyone should be spending more than they should on their wedding, if you can, great...  But the reality is that many people can't.

That being said!  We think that Tungsten Rings are a fantastic choice for a wedding band for a number of reasons. 

They are inexpensive.  The tungsten rings we sell start at only $39.00!  How awesome is that! 

They are indestructible (well, Almost!)  Yes, Tungsten Rings can break, but it takes a lot and most companies will replace them if this happens.  At least, we do.

They are unique.  Gold?  No.  Platinum?  Nope.  Silver?  Nada.  These are Tungsten.  Yes  :-)

Do yourself a favor and go with a tungsten ring for your wedding - you will be happy that you did!

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