Tungsten Rings as Wedding Bands
Tungsten rings are a great option for wedding rings.  They are great for a number of reasons.  They do not scratch, so you wont have to worry about damaging this ring.  They do not tarnish, so they will last and look the same as the first day you purchased them.  Tungsten Rings do not bend either.  If you have someone who works with their hands, you can feel confident that the tungsten ring you purchase will stand up to anything you put to it.

Many people also purchase tungsten rings so they can use them when they travel.  If a couple has very expensive wedding rings and they want to wear a pair of rings, but not bring the expensive rings on a trip, they can always use a pair of tungsten rings as a replacement.  This way, you will not have to worry about losing a ring (not a great thing, but at least your not losing a $9,000 band).  Also, when you travel, many of us are doing things that we wouldn't normally do, skiing, parasailing, etc...  this way, you will not have to worry about damaging a tungsten ring.

We hope helps you in your purchase of a tungsten ring or any other wedding band you may decide on.

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