The past few weeks, we noticed that the USPS is using recycled or old tracking numbers that is causing havoc with our customers. 

When a customer placed an order with Tungsten Fashions, we email a tracking number within a few minutes.  Normally, the tracking number will not show up in the system or website right away, but that is normal and we have a message on the page stating that it takes time to show up.   

This proactive approach of us emailing our customers the tracking numbers within minutes is now becoming a problem.   Since the USPS has failed to catch up to modern times, we are getting these recycled tracking numbers that shows old information! 

When the customer clicks on the link to get their package status update, they see some packing going from one city to another - back from 2012!

Customers are furious about this, as well as they should be. 

Here we are, doing our best to give the customer what they want, as fast as we can, but getting scr*wed in the process.

The Postal Service needs to get it together and move out of the stone ages. 



Date 8/6/2013


Date 8/8/2013

Bryan Walker

Date 8/8/2013

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