How to figure out ring widths:

If you are debating between a width of a ring and not sure what it would look like.  Here is a little trick you can do at home to get an idea of what it will look like.

It is simple.  stack of nickels

Each nickel is 2mm thick.

Each penny is 1mm thick.

Therefore: (some simple math here!)

1 Nickel

Stack 1 Nickel & 1 Penny

Stack 2 Nickels

Stack 2 Nickels & 1 Penny

Stack 3 Nickels

Stack 3 Nickels &1 Penny

Stack 4 Nickels

Stack 4 Nickels & 1 Penny

Stack 5 Nickels
= 2mm Ring

= 3mm Ring

= 4mm Ring

= 5mm Ring

= 6mm Ring

= 7mm Ring

= 8mm Ring

= 9mm Ring

= 10mm Ring