Tungsten Rings vary greatly in price, especially on the internet. There is one main reason that tungsten rings vary so much in price.

Tungsten Rings made with Cobalt (bad) 

Tungsten Rings made with Nickel (good)

If you take nothing else away from this article, just know that you want a tungsten ring that is made from Nickel (every tungsten ring from TungstenFashions.com is made ONLY with Nickel).

Cobalt is a cheap filler some factories use that make tungsten rings and that is also the stuff that will turn your finger green!

Other than these two differences, there is nothing else that is different from tungsten rings.  Some companies choose to charge $300.00 for a tungsten ring that is the exact same ring that you can find for $49.00.    There is not difference, it is just that some of these larger companies can afford to sell them for a high price due to a very expensive location or if they spend a lot on advertising.

Due your wallet a favor and look for a tungsten ring that is made with Nickel for the cheapest price you can find and you will be one happy customer.

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